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January 20, 2012

Onetime at the Office ……

by Just B Socialized

…… I overheard someone say:

“Why do we need to utilize social media? Most of our clients are older.”

I was shocked. What do you mean why?? Because you NEED to get your message out there. You NEED to let the world know you exist.

Not only were we trying to achieve the task of lifting the assumption that the disease we were supporting was just an old person’s illness, but we were trying to educate our clients, their families, health professionals and simply the world in general on this specific cause.

What this person didn’t realize was that:

  • Adults who are 74 and older quadrupled their social networking presence¬†since 2008, making them the fastest growing demographic.
  • Older users saw a huge increase in the use of social media. In December 2008, 9 percent of users 55 to 64-years old used social networks. In May 2010, that number jumped to 43 percent.
  • The use of social networking continues to rise among younger users. In December 2008, 67 percent of users between the ages of 18 to 33 used social networking sites. In May 2010, 83 percent used it.
  • The percentage of all adult Internet users who watch video online jumped¬†14 points in the past two years, from 52 percent in May 2008 to 66 percent in May 2010.

So tell me again why social media isn’t relevant when in regards to the older generation?