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January 20, 2012

In Your Social Media Tool Box

by Just B Socialized

Did you know that you can use social media as a research tool? Ever do a blog search? You have no idea how much information you can discover when you do a blog search.

A blog search is when you … well …. search blogs. Go to Google – type in a subject to search – take a look at the menu bar either on the left or top of the page – click on more – click on blog and voila! You now have a whole bunch of different blogs that may have info on whatever you are seeking. There will be some facts here or there, but doing a blog search is a really great way to see what exactly people are saying about an issue.

Imagine holding a very successful fundraising event where local celebs and business people were opening their wallets to donate to your cause. Everyone had a blast!

Did they???

Do a blog search a few days after and see! You may find that a few people who attended your event decided to write about their experience. You would even benefit from taking notice in who your local community bloggers are and sending them invites. You will really be surprised how many people in your area love to attend events and then blog about it.

Don’t be afraid to Facebook or tweet your supporters and ask them how they enjoyed your event. It not only allows you to get answers right away, but your supporters will appreciate being included. It can make a world of difference for your social media campaign when you interact with your followers.

Once you gather quotes from event attendees through your blog or social media search, you can then post these reviews on your website, do a write-up for your newsletter or simply repost what others are saying.

A fun way to market research is really just a click away!