Freelance Jobs and Where to Find Them

by Just B Socialized

Don’t you wish there was as many home based or freelance job sites as there is for ‘regular’ jobs? Well, there is! Ok, maybe not as many, but there are a lot of job boards out there for freelancers if you just take the time to look for them.

Everyday, I sit down at my desk and check at least four different sites dedicated to posting freelance job opportunities. I admit that some do overlap each other, but every single blog writing job I have found has been off of one of those sites.

My favourite right now is Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs. Most of the ads just get pulled off of Craig’s List, which is a site used by many employers all over North America seeking freelance employees, but it eliminates you having to weed through irrelevant ads. The person running this blog does the work for you. She will also protect you from scam ads.

Work at Home Mom is another great site for finding neat little writing jobs. You may have to do a bit more research into who is posting the jobs, but all in all, it is a good site.

I also regularly visit Pro Blogger which is another site with a good reputation. Plus, there are lots of articles to browse and learn from.

Lastly, I like to check Freelance Writing. Like I mentioned above, these sites will have posts that overlap each other, but this site dives into other types of freelance jobs as well.

Other than exploring these types of sites, I recommend simply networking within the blogging community. Put up a profile and join some forums. You would be surprised how many successful bloggers are looking for guest posts.

Don’t forget to advertise your services on free classified sites as well. My two favourite go to places for posting ads is Kijiji and Craig’s List. Kijiji is very popular here in Canada where I believe Craig’s List dominates in the US.

Take the time to browse these sites on a regular basis. You never know what may pop up. I personally believe in making all the connections you can to help get your foot in the door. Just watch out for the “pay per click” jobs, anyone who asks you to pay money to invest, or those who may not be able to follow through with payments. Use your instincts and look at the email address of the sender. If it is professional, take a chance. If it is through Hotmail, you may risk working for little or no money. When someone is in the position to pay freelance writers, then they should at the very least have a relevant email host. That’s just my opinion.


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