This One Time at Band Camp …..

by Just B Socialized

Did that get your attention? I thought so!

When you think about the articles that pop up on your Facebook or Twitter feeds, how do you decide what to read? Considering the only part you see most of the time is the headline, I would take a guess that is what entices you to click. Choosing a spunky eye-catching headline or title can make or break your blog.

I write a personal blog which is a bit more casual than this one, so I tend to make a good effort to complete my post with a kick ass title. On this blog and others that are more formal, I often tone my humor down a bit.  But is that something I really need to do? Not after seeing these headlines from some pretty respectable organizations.

Red Cross

WWF – Canada

Youth Service America

Pretty cool, hey?

I believe that, as long as your content stays true to who you are as an organization, or blogger, then take the risk and play around with your titles a bit. Just make sure you are not offending anyone even if it is unintentional. Some say bad press can really be good press in the end, but I say be respectable and aim to have fun rather than stir the pot.


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