And So It Begins ….. For The Last Time

by Just B Socialized

My name is Leah and I change the direction of my work CONSTANTLY.

Have you ever seen the movie “Up”? Ya know the part where the old man and the boy meet the dog who wears a collar that translates his barks into words, and he gets distracted by squirrels? I am that dog. I find a goal and work towards it. Then all of a sudden another path appears and I follow it. Squirrel!

So, here I was with my focus on NPOs and aiding them with their social media and volunteer relations, which I will continue to do, but I am starting to find a different niche for myself. Writing. I blog for myself and others, I am co-writing a series of Kindle books with a fabulous lady who I admire, and I aspire to write YA novels. I still hold a love for social media and all things online marketing as I do that for work as well, so why not just do it all? Who says I can’t guide NPOs and WAHMs together? No one.

With all this said, I have made my final decision. I am going to write my imperfect heart out, help WAHMs become successful in their passions, and share what I learn when it comes to social media.

Here I go!


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