Pinterest – The New Black??

by Just B Socialized

I had not heard of Pinterest until December 2011 when I was showing off my engagement ring at my fiancé’s office Xmas party. His coworker’s wife told me she would add me on Pinterest so I could discover some neat DIY wedding ideas. I just casually said, “Oh that would be great, thanks!” I had no clue what it even was.

A few days later I got an email notifying me that I had an invite to Pinterest. I set myself up and became instantly addicted. I created a few different Pin Boards – Wedding Ideas, Books I love, Kid Stuff and I Simply Love. Next thing I knew I was pinning this and pinning that, sorting ideas and organizing them onto my boards. How had I missed this for so long???

So what exactly is Pinterest and why does it earn a post on this blog?? Pinterest is quickly forming into a must have for NPOs or any sort of business for that matter. Trust me. It’s like the new black.

I will begin by admitting that when I saw a lot of different NPOs flocking to Pinterest, I wondered how it even worked for them. Well, I discovered how and it is pretty genius.

The basic idea of Pinterest is to share things you find on the internet that you think are interesting. It is not exactly like sharing on facebook where you post a link to an article or video, rather you are sharing a photo of what interests you and allowing people to click on that photo if they want more info. It really is just like having a pin up board in your office or bedroom plastered with photos you are drawn to.

If you remember back a few years ago a book called “The Secret” came out and it suggests making a sorta collage of goals, in picture form, that you want to achieve and then tacking it to your wall. The idea is to be able to see what you want to accomplish, which in return actually helps you follow through.

Pinterest is, for most people, a way to sort out craft projects to do, recipes to try, or to share inspirational quotes. Once you find something you like, you Pin It to your board for everyone on Pinterest to see. If someone spots it and is drawn to it they can choose to Repin the photo to their own board or just click on the photo to get redirected to the website it came from.

Ah ha! There it is! Did you catch it???

You post a photo from a website and others can click on that photo to get redirected to that site ….. or …. YOUR site.

Think of it as people referring other people to your NPO’s website. Imagine all the traffic that can get driven right to you.

Heather at NonProfit Tech 2.0 does an excellent job of explaining how it can work for you, so I invite you to take a look!

Pinterest and NPOs



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