Ding! You Have a Google Alert!

by Just B Socialized

I love Google Alerts.

I am an avid “subscriber” to newsletters in regards to businesses, organizations, products or subjects that I am interested in. My inbox beeps at me all day long with newsletter after newsletter, but I can’t say that I read every single one. I might skim them for something that pops out at me, otherwise I separate them into different email folders on my Mac. After a while I tend to have an overload of things to read and not much time to actually do it. I enjoy keeping as current as I can when it comes to my field of study and honestly try to commit to a scheduled sit down at my lap top each day to get caught up.

I believe that newsletters are a must for any NPO, so I make a point to encourage awesome newsletter practices. But I do have to take a moment and advocate for Google Alerts.

I like using Google Alerts as it is one simple notification sent to your email inbox on all the current events going on in regards to an issue you want to keep informed about. You get to choose when you receive each alert and how much you want. Then you pick what you want to read by looking at each headline.

Here is an example of one news link on a Google Alert I just had land in my inbox:

Experts to Discuss Social Media and Nonprofits | News
Event: The Austin Forum on Science, Technology & Society

Social Media &NonProfits” presented by Hugh Forrest, 

(Keep in mind that one alert will contain many different links to read, but this is just an example of one.)

Now I can decide if this nugget of news interests me or not. If yes, then all I have to do is click on it.

Signing up for Google Alerts is an important way to keep yourself and your NPO in the know about the cause you are fighting for, and also for industry news. Each person in your office should be subscribing to their own field of alerts. Volunteer managers may want to have alerts on volunteer relations where your event planner will want to receive alerts about venues and event planning ideas.

All you have to do is go to Google Alerts, fill out the boxes and click create alert! Make sure you are using keywords for each type of alert you want to get. As you will see in the alert above, the words Social Media and Non-Profits are bolded which mean those are the words I entered as my search query, so any current news to do with Social Media and Non-Profits will appear.

Quick and easy!

So go and do it now ….. trust me. Go now!


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