by Just B Socialized

Right at this moment a campaign Bell is doing to raise funds to help mental health programs is “trending”  all across Canada. This is a big deal!

If you are not sure what “trending” means let me explain it.

Trending nowadays means there is a specific person, news story or issue being talked about  a lot on Twitter. For example when people want to discuss a celebrity they will put # before their name like #michaeljackson, which is called a hash tag. If enough people have the same hash tag in their tweets that specific topic becomes a “trending” topic.

While I was on Twitter earlier today I noticed a hash tag reading #BellLetsTalk was trending Canadian wide. I knew what Bell Let’s Talk was as I have been following their project for a few weeks now, and needless to say I am very excited to see this at the top of the list!

CAMH partnered up with Bell and created a wonderful campaign!

Bell Let’s Talk 2012: Join the conversation

Bell Let’s Talk national spokesperson and six-time Olympic medalist, Clara Hughes, invites all Canadians to talk about mental illness and take the fear and stigma out of seeking help. “Open and honest discussion of how mental illness impacts each of us is crucial to driving the awareness, acceptance and action needed to make a real difference in mental health. So let’s talk Canada!” proclaims Ms. Hughes.

Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives for every text and long distance call made by Bell customers on February 8. This year, retweets count too! As part of their online anti-stigma efforts, this year Bell will also donate 5 cents for every time Canadians retweet messages posted by @Bell_LetsTalk.

The goal: beat last year’s phenomenal record of 66 million texts and long-distance calls made—which resulted in a donation of $3,303,961.80 by Bell toward Canadian mental health initiatives.

What better way can you raise awareness and money for a cause than simply talking about it?! Genius in Cause Marketing (which I will be posting about soon).

I think it is wonderful to see a NPO’s cause trending the way that Bell Let’s Talk is. It just proves my theory on how powerful social media can be. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised to see that this was the 2nd annual Bell Let’s Talk Day as I had not heard about it last year and trust me, I was all over social media then too.

Who knew that a simple # symbol could hold so much power?


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