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February 28, 2012

NPO Seeking SFR?

by Just B Socialized

Here is a little hidden gem for you Edmonton based NPOs.

Edmonton Space Finders

It’s like online dating for non-profits seeking event space. Whether you want to hold your annual general meeting, a support group, volunteer appreciation party or fundraising event this site is exactly what you need saved in your bookmark tab.

Not only could a NPO search a venue to use, but why not list space that you have as well?

I think this is wonderful! Renting venue space can be expensive and researching places to contact can be time consuming. Here it is right at your finger tips. Such a great resource for any NPO, especially ones on a smaller scale.

Go and discover a space that is perfect for your next event!



February 22, 2012

Pinterest – The New Black??

by Just B Socialized

I had not heard of Pinterest until December 2011 when I was showing off my engagement ring at my fiancé’s office Xmas party. His coworker’s wife told me she would add me on Pinterest so I could discover some neat DIY wedding ideas. I just casually said, “Oh that would be great, thanks!” I had no clue what it even was.

A few days later I got an email notifying me that I had an invite to Pinterest. I set myself up and became instantly addicted. I created a few different Pin Boards – Wedding Ideas, Books I love, Kid Stuff and I Simply Love. Next thing I knew I was pinning this and pinning that, sorting ideas and organizing them onto my boards. How had I missed this for so long???

So what exactly is Pinterest and why does it earn a post on this blog?? Pinterest is quickly forming into a must have for NPOs or any sort of business for that matter. Trust me. It’s like the new black.

I will begin by admitting that when I saw a lot of different NPOs flocking to Pinterest, I wondered how it even worked for them. Well, I discovered how and it is pretty genius.

The basic idea of Pinterest is to share things you find on the internet that you think are interesting. It is not exactly like sharing on facebook where you post a link to an article or video, rather you are sharing a photo of what interests you and allowing people to click on that photo if they want more info. It really is just like having a pin up board in your office or bedroom plastered with photos you are drawn to.

If you remember back a few years ago a book called “The Secret” came out and it suggests making a sorta collage of goals, in picture form, that you want to achieve and then tacking it to your wall. The idea is to be able to see what you want to accomplish, which in return actually helps you follow through.

Pinterest is, for most people, a way to sort out craft projects to do, recipes to try, or to share inspirational quotes. Once you find something you like, you Pin It to your board for everyone on Pinterest to see. If someone spots it and is drawn to it they can choose to Repin the photo to their own board or just click on the photo to get redirected to the website it came from.

Ah ha! There it is! Did you catch it???

You post a photo from a website and others can click on that photo to get redirected to that site ….. or …. YOUR site.

Think of it as people referring other people to your NPO’s website. Imagine all the traffic that can get driven right to you.

Heather at NonProfit Tech 2.0 does an excellent job of explaining how it can work for you, so I invite you to take a look!

Pinterest and NPOs


February 12, 2012

Ding! You Have a Google Alert!

by Just B Socialized

I love Google Alerts.

I am an avid “subscriber” to newsletters in regards to businesses, organizations, products or subjects that I am interested in. My inbox beeps at me all day long with newsletter after newsletter, but I can’t say that I read every single one. I might skim them for something that pops out at me, otherwise I separate them into different email folders on my Mac. After a while I tend to have an overload of things to read and not much time to actually do it. I enjoy keeping as current as I can when it comes to my field of study and honestly try to commit to a scheduled sit down at my lap top each day to get caught up.

I believe that newsletters are a must for any NPO, so I make a point to encourage awesome newsletter practices. But I do have to take a moment and advocate for Google Alerts.

I like using Google Alerts as it is one simple notification sent to your email inbox on all the current events going on in regards to an issue you want to keep informed about. You get to choose when you receive each alert and how much you want. Then you pick what you want to read by looking at each headline.

Here is an example of one news link on a Google Alert I just had land in my inbox:

Experts to Discuss Social Media and Nonprofits | News
Event: The Austin Forum on Science, Technology & Society

Social Media &NonProfits” presented by Hugh Forrest,

(Keep in mind that one alert will contain many different links to read, but this is just an example of one.)

Now I can decide if this nugget of news interests me or not. If yes, then all I have to do is click on it.

Signing up for Google Alerts is an important way to keep yourself and your NPO in the know about the cause you are fighting for, and also for industry news. Each person in your office should be subscribing to their own field of alerts. Volunteer managers may want to have alerts on volunteer relations where your event planner will want to receive alerts about venues and event planning ideas.

All you have to do is go to Google Alerts, fill out the boxes and click create alert! Make sure you are using keywords for each type of alert you want to get. As you will see in the alert above, the words Social Media and Non-Profits are bolded which mean those are the words I entered as my search query, so any current news to do with Social Media and Non-Profits will appear.

Quick and easy!

So go and do it now ….. trust me. Go now!

February 8, 2012

Being The Worst = Being Lucky!

by Just B Socialized

I just came across this on Twitter and think it’s a wonderfully neat idea!

The reason I love it so much is because I think it gives a chance for smaller organizations to receive some assistance. Quite often I see people who want to give away money to a charity, so they ask their friends to vote on who the money will go to. The same handful of NPOs always show up. I totally 100% believe all NPOs need help, but I am also aware of a thousand other charities that could use some attention.

It’s time we brought them into the spotlight!


February 8, 2012


by Just B Socialized

Right at this moment a campaign Bell is doing to raise funds to help mental health programs is “trending”  all across Canada. This is a big deal!

If you are not sure what “trending” means let me explain it.

Trending nowadays means there is a specific person, news story or issue being talked about  a lot on Twitter. For example when people want to discuss a celebrity they will put # before their name like #michaeljackson, which is called a hash tag. If enough people have the same hash tag in their tweets that specific topic becomes a “trending” topic.

While I was on Twitter earlier today I noticed a hash tag reading #BellLetsTalk was trending Canadian wide. I knew what Bell Let’s Talk was as I have been following their project for a few weeks now, and needless to say I am very excited to see this at the top of the list!

CAMH partnered up with Bell and created a wonderful campaign!

Bell Let’s Talk 2012: Join the conversation

Bell Let’s Talk national spokesperson and six-time Olympic medalist, Clara Hughes, invites all Canadians to talk about mental illness and take the fear and stigma out of seeking help. “Open and honest discussion of how mental illness impacts each of us is crucial to driving the awareness, acceptance and action needed to make a real difference in mental health. So let’s talk Canada!” proclaims Ms. Hughes.

Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives for every text and long distance call made by Bell customers on February 8. This year, retweets count too! As part of their online anti-stigma efforts, this year Bell will also donate 5 cents for every time Canadians retweet messages posted by @Bell_LetsTalk.

The goal: beat last year’s phenomenal record of 66 million texts and long-distance calls made—which resulted in a donation of $3,303,961.80 by Bell toward Canadian mental health initiatives.

What better way can you raise awareness and money for a cause than simply talking about it?! Genius in Cause Marketing (which I will be posting about soon).

I think it is wonderful to see a NPO’s cause trending the way that Bell Let’s Talk is. It just proves my theory on how powerful social media can be. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised to see that this was the 2nd annual Bell Let’s Talk Day as I had not heard about it last year and trust me, I was all over social media then too.

Who knew that a simple # symbol could hold so much power?

February 6, 2012

Edge 2012 – A Must Have For Your NPO

by Just B Socialized

Do you ever wonder how some NPOs reach numbers beyond their fundraising goals when you are working really hard to just barely get to yours? If that is something you ask yourself or are asked by your board members then you need to discover Danny Hooper’s Edge.


Danny Hooper is the leading benefit auctioneer in Canada, and that success is quickly spreading farther across the continent. With razor sharp wit and a knack for getting people to open their wallets, Danny has raised over a quarter BILLION dollars for NPOs in the past 20 years. If that does not prove  he has the edge on fundraising, I don’t know what will!