The Application

by Just B Socialized

I wanted to post an example of a really great volunteer application form that I found on the web. I feel the application is a very important part when it comes to volunteer relations. Knowing exactly why someone has chosen your organization is key to making them feel a part of your team. Not only that, but you also need to respect their time and skills.


Here is an example of a very useful application form


Keeping organized and thorough records regarding all your volunteers will make a big impact on your relations with them. They need to feel respected, understood and regarded as more than just an unpaid employee. Give them jobs that suit their existing skills, or offer to assist in developing new skills by trusting them to try something they have never done.

Trust is a huge factor in volunteer relations. You need to trust one another. They must trust that you appreciate their work and will not take advantage of them. In return, you will trust that the work your volunteers do will reach your expectations.




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